AQSIQ: BMW will recall nearly 80,000 problem vehicles

BMW Brilliance Limited, BMW (China) will review the vehicles within the scope of the recall

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French police confirmed Nice attack on truck driver status

French police have been officially confirmed by fingerprint analysis on the evening of 14 in Nice driving the truck collision of the suspects identity

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Demolition permit 12 years to 24 times the extension of the old professor v. Government administration

Longyan City Housing Bureau will be "housing demolition permit" from June 30, 2014 to December 31, 2014

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Blizzard caused a plant in Zhejiang Anji collapsed three self-help back to save four people

Anhui guy Wu Qiong from the collapse of the plant after the escape

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Long March 5 rocket using China 's newly developed hydrogen and oxygen engine

Long March 5 rocket is China's largest active capacity, the largest rocket

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Zhong Zhihua: automotive academic legendary academician from the government back to the helm

And Hunan University to build Zhongzhihua academicians after the workstation

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Hunan a stall car knocked down three passers-by to speed up after another 5 people

From Suining County to the direction of the hole

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MTR will increase its interest rate for the seventh consecutive year

The Government and the MTRC may fix the fare increase mechanism

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At least 5 deaths occurred during the Canadian shooting incident

An attack on a mosque in Quebec, Canada

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Sydney Martin Square Cafe was deliberately destroyed by a hostage incident

The hostage hijacking incident in December last year, Sydney Martin Square Lindt Cafe was deliberately destroyed

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Hangzhou, the car crash occurred with the car crash car crash

Buick car was directly into the intersection of the road car isolation barrier more than ten meters

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The car rushed out of the tunnel

Xiao master driving to prevent the truck burning out of the tunnel is right

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China's drug situation report: public officials and stars involved in the drug is not much

There are 2.455 million drug addicts in the country

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Dongguan Mayor respond to business collapse: Do not enlarge the beauty face pock

The overall export of foreign-funded enterprises, especially Hong Kong-owned enterprises, is indeed declining

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Aquino visit Japan on the "second-hand" equipment Philippines is intended to spoil the South China Sea

Once the Japanese to the Philippines or other countries in the South China Sea

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Tender mold leg hair "flood" affect the beauty salon surgery to be burned

The final sentenced the defendant Beijing Zhongyue Hong Medical Beauty Clinic to return the plaintiff Yan surgical treatment fee 9500 yuan

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The young man robbed the young woman to rob the robbery

Liu see a small capacity to close the door after the door

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Nanjing purchase divorce get together: white hair elderly, pregnant women also divorced

Modern Express / ZAKER Nanjing reporter Xiang Fenghua Xu Cen husband and wife to divorce about 9 o'clock yesterday morning

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Survey: migrant workers to participate in the proportion of pension insurance less than two percent

Migrant workers to participate in basic old-age insurance ratio of 16.7%

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