Members of the CPPCC Li Daokui: should set up securities senior procuratorate and court

Stock registration system registration system to be in place for the stock market is about to implement the registration system
Economic and financial CPPCC National Committee members, well-known economist Li Daokui in two sessions to accept the Beijing Youth Daily reporter interview, a detailed interpretation of the hot topics of economic and financial issues. In response to rising house prices, Li Daokui said that Beijing and other first-tier cities bubble will not be too strong. For the stock market, Li Daokui suggested that the Shanghai Securities Commission should be set up in the High Commission and the High Court. Stock registration system registration system to be in place for the stock market is about to implement the registration system, the people mixed. In this regard, Li Daokui said that the implementation of the registration system to have a prerequisite, that is, after the listing of stock supervision must be in place. He said, for example, the implementation of the registration system is equivalent to the college entrance examination canceled, which means that students after school, we must strictly checks, each course can not hang, the examination can not cheat, or dismissed, this can guarantee the quality of students. So, based on the status quo of China's stock market regulation, is it time? Li Daokui replied: "I think China has to study (some methods), such as the implementation of new enterprises and new ways, the old business approach, to the registration system of enterprises, put forward higher requirements." In addition, Kwai mentioned that a line of three will be the trend of the merger. "The issue of financial regulation depends on the CBRC, or the SFC, of ​​course, is certainly going to be together, of course," he said, "I call the sooner the better." Financial reform proposed the establishment of securities senior court securities market in some illegal acts To be investigated, and how to pursue it will need to innovate in the system. Li Daokui told the North Green newspaper reporter, this year his proposal is to set up in Shanghai to set up securities senior procuratorate and high court, all securities illegal cases are concentrated in Shanghai. "The basis of the stock market is based on the rule of law.We have a problem with the current judiciary.We would like to tell a listed company, you have to go to register." So I propose that all listed companies related to the judicial issues Shanghai, specializing in the establishment of senior securities courts, procuratorates, similar to the current maritime courts. Li Daokui further explained that the scope of its coverage and all the country's financial securities. In his view, this is equivalent to the construction of football schools. The basis of football is the youth, the stock is based on the court. "This is the most controversial research in the financial sector," said Li Daokui. Big city housing prices Beijing real estate is not too big bubble big city is facing a new round of housing prices, so high prices in the end whether there is a bubble? Li Daokui said that different cities have different circumstances. In terms of Beijing, he thinks the bubble will not be too strong. "Do not use short-term price increases to determine the speed, and do not use income and house prices to count, because the income is not clear, such as the field of parents to their children how to count the money, should be considered rental ratio, the most objective. "For Beijing, the rental prices are also rising. How to crack the first-tier cities in the high prices. Li Daokui that, first of all, we must increase the supply of land, and secondly, the traditional compound, organs to transform. In addition, we must strictly control the capital, in strict accordance with the provisions of the state's real estate market loans to credit, "must not be made last year as the stock market, such as off-balance capital, there will be hidden." Li Daokui said. Text and photo / reporter Yue Feifei

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