Decoding the long march on the 5th: "fat five" big head has great wisdom

Long five rocket diameter than the active rocket 50%
Long five small file name: Long March five carrier rocket nickname: "fat five" Weight: take off the quality of about 870 tons Engine: equipped with 12 "big heart", take off thrust of about 1078 tons Carrying capacity: Near-Earth orbit carrying capacity of 25 tons Earth synchronous transfer orbital carrying capacity of 14 tons of long five how much "big"? Long five "big" first reflected in the appearance. The diameter of the long five rockets is 50% larger than the active rocket, its core diameter of 5 meters, the booster diameter of 3.35 meters, while China's active rocket core diameter of 3.35 meters, booster diameter of 2.25 meters. In addition to the "waist" large, long five rockets "height" about 57 meters, the equivalent of 20 stories, second only to the Long March II F launch vehicle. "Big grid" so long five rockets can accommodate more propellant. Long five rocket propellant total filling volume far more than China's active rocket. Its core level all use low temperature propellant, which in China's development of rocket development history is the first time. How long is it called "Frostbolt"? Long March 5 rocket has a special combination of propellant. Its core level, that is, the middle of the main part of the engine using liquid hydrogen liquid oxygen fuel, and booster with liquid oxygen kerosene combination, because the liquid hydrogen temperature of -253 ℃, liquid oxygen -183 ℃, that is, Long March 5 is much lower than the freezing point of the ultra-low temperature, so the Long March five rocket is also known as the "Frostbolt". In the Long March 5 weighing more than 800 tons of body, 90% is -253 ℃ liquid hydrogen and -183 ℃ liquid oxygen. After the ignition, the engine spewing the flame temperature is still up to 3000 degrees, this time it inside and outside the "冰火两重天" extreme state, but also a great test of China's space technology. Why is the long five later? With the rocket engine technology matures and human beings continue to explore the space of the universe, the original members of the Chinese Long March family in the face of the future manned space station, lunar exploration and fire engineering and a series of major aerospace engineering tasks, some Lack of force. The Long March family is in urgent need of a new "big man" member to carry the burden. Long five research spent 10 years, which shows its difficulty, the high risk. 10 years, the long five rocket development breakthrough in 12 major key technologies as the representative of the 247 key technologies, the proportion of new technology is almost 100%, the core technology to achieve all the localization, to achieve the Long March rocket upgrade. How strong is takeoff? "Big grid" long five rockets have 12 "big heart", providing the total thrust reached 1078 tons. 8 sets of liquid oxygen kerosene engine is divided into four groups, composed of booster power, a total takeoff 960 tons; two 50 tons of hydrogen and oxygen engine is responsible for the formation of a core power, take off 100 tons of power; two 9 tons of expansion cycle hydrogen and oxygen engine Composed of core secondary power. Long five series carrier rocket low-rail carrying capacity of up to 25 tons, high-rail carrying capacity of up to 14 tons, over the international large-scale launch vehicle near-Earth orbit carrying capacity of 20 tons, high-rail carrying capacity of 10 tons of "threshold" , With the United States universe God 5, Delta 4, the European Ariane 5 and other major global rocket shoulder to shoulder. How does the satellite come into orbit? Previously, in the absence of "space ferry", the launch vehicle into the satellite "transfer orbit", the satellite through their own orbit to reach the work track. This process takes several tons of fuel to fly for several days. The "space ferry", you can take the satellite in space "relay" rocket flight, only a few hours will be able to send the satellite into the work track. In the launch of the task, the upgraded version of "space ferry" expedition on the 2nd ride on the long fly on the sky. The ferry and the launch of the expedition in 2015 compared to the larger capacity, if the expedition on the 1st equivalent of a small CMB, then the expedition is the genuine "air-conditioned bus", to achieve more start-up time in orbit Longer target. "Foundation" more white and more rocket "looking finish" are white, long five is the case, but "looking finish" more white, more uniform. Taking into account the high temperature and humidity characteristics of Hainan, long five rocket shell spray paint and active rockets are very different. It uses a special "three anti" paint, in ensuring moisture, mold, anti-salt spray at the same time, and the outer surface of the tank to keep the same color, to avoid "uneven skin color" This edition of the write / Beijing News reporter Li Yukun Beijing News draft / Xu Yingjian

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